Out and About: The Albannach

I know it’s Wednesday (I’ve just caught up with the fact we are now peaking the mid-week hump!), but I’m both reminiscing and thinking ahead to next week…beat the Monday blues with a LONDON BLUES at The Albannach!

Mondays, oh yes, they drag. But after a wine tasting of twenty South African wines with fantastic producers with The Wine Society Monday just gone, a friend and I headed for dinner at The Albannach on Trafalgar Square – part restaurant, part cocktail and whisky bar, part club/lounge. Listed in the Time Out 2012 Eating & Drinking Guide, this ultra central venue is great for food (beef wellington was fantastic!), has a wide range of whiskys and a deliciously tempting cocktail list. Taking a break from wine, we started with a patriotic aperitif….followed by a fantastic meal and bottle of Pinot Noir!

London Blues, Albannach’s Signature Cocktails, £8.00

Britain’s proudest traditions showcased in a single cocktail:

Blend Tanqueray gin, Pimm’s, apple juice, lime juice, and ginger ale. Serve in tall glass with ice and a sprig of mint and a fancy granny smith apple fan!


Do you have cenosillicaphobia? I do!

Cenosillicaphobia; n. Fear of an empty glass.

An appropriate post as we approach the weekend? See, that is clever positioning for you. You’ll be telling your mates about this in the pub tonight, asking the barman if he knows, wowing the opposite sex with your amazing knowledge.

I first learnt of this word when I visited the D’Arenberg winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia in January. Plastered in chalk across a board in their tasting room, was the invitation to join their Cenosilicaphobic Club – a membership for d’Arenberg imbibers with an active interest in fine wine, particularly aged reds. Intruiged, I asked, and since have been hooked on the word. Whilst I understand this may make me sound a little like an alcoholic, this is not true –  I simply enjoy alcohol the way it should be, as a social lubricant.

Like all good things, there is also a Facebook page for all those lovers of this phobia- like it!

Photo from Flabber DeGasky’s photostream on flickr.