About Us

Tipple Tipple is a UK-based drinks blog about everything slurpable: from wine to whisky, cordial to cognac, tea to tequila.

Basically, we like to like what we drink, and we like to make informed choices. So the aim of this blog is just to find the best drinks, merchants, accessories and resources for all our fellow beverage-lovers, and to have fun doing it.

Our small team of boys and girls have all got WSET qualifications and have worked in the drinks industry for several years, so we like to think we know our onions. But don’t worry: we don’t believe wine is scary or snobby, we just think it’s delicious.

We like a chat, so get involved in the comments or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


I have a question/suggestion/guest post idea/want to send you tasty drinks to try!
Marvellous! We’d love you to email us.

Meet the Team:

Laura Vickers – Editor and Founder

Laura is a wine writer/adviser who has been working in the drinks industry since she was eighteen. Now she spends her time trying to justify the horrendous amount of wine she drinks by writing about it. Oh, and she also goes to lots of tastings and vineyards. She loves teapots, well-thumbed paperbacks and giraffes. She hates Mr. Bean, the Twilight books and doing the washing up. One day, she wants to be Barbara from The Good Life.
Tipples: Gin and Elderflower, Rioja, Gewurztraminer and Formosa Oolong tea (because it translates to something like ‘beautiful dragon’!)

Read Laura’s posts. You can also follow Laura on Twitter.

Jo Mansell – Co-Editor and Co-Founder

Jo is a wine advisor, relatively new to the profession but well practiced in drinking great wines! Having grown up in vineyard blanketedSouth Australia, she rates Aussie wines as a top tipple but with a bit of education has learnt not to be biased and is currently searching the wine world for hidden gems. She loves a weekend filled with cooking, good wine, espressos and the great outdoors and is always planning her next travel adventure.

Tipples: Viognier,Rhone whites and strawberry & lime cider for warm summer days, and Aussie reds, Port and vanilla chai lattes on cold winter days.

Joe Mandrell – Senior Contributor

Coming soon!


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