Out and about: Wines and beers at Borough Market

There is nothing greater than a fresh food market on a Saturday morning. Bustling with people, vendors shoutings to sell their goods, aromas of roasting coffee, fresh bread, spices and cooked meats.  Borough Market on Southwark Street, London, never fails to make me smile – and needless to say, spend lots of money! After a huge breakfast roll – bacon, egg and bubble – at Maria’s Market Cafe, we shuffled through every inch of the market sampling cheese, bread, olive oil, cured meats and spices.

All bases are covered at Borough Market, including beverages from specialist teas and world famous coffee to English cider, international beers and hundreds of wines. For a tippling market experience, fill up with a glass of Prosecco from Borough Wines or Cartwright Bros. and get shopping!

In the middle market, New Forest Cider sells by the glass or the bottle and offers dry, medium, sweet, Kingston Black, perry and – in the winter months – hot mulled cider, along with a selection of ciders made to the Normandy and Champagne methods. Apples from their own orchard in Hampshire are pressed in October and November, along with fruit from Somerset and Herefordshire.

Around the corner, Cartwright Bros.  specialises in importing wines sourced from small independent estates, sometimes directly from the growers. Wines are primarily French and Italian, but the range is ever increasing. Try a glass of Prosecco for £3.50 or a glass of mulled wine for £3.00.

Just next door is Utobeer, which stocks beers brewed in their country of origin – whether that be Britain, America, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia or Australia, to name just a handful. As a proud South Aussie, I am very pleased to see not only Cooper’s Pale Ale, but also the Cooper’s Sparkling and Cooper’s Stout!

And right next to that? (This shopping malarkey is so simple!) Top up your Prosecco again at Borough Wines – although at £4.50 a glass rather than £3.50, it may be worth a few steps back to Cartwright Bros! Started as a promotional stall for Chateau Ponchapt, Borough Wines still remains amostly French selection, with representation in smaller numbers from Italy, New Zealand, England and other regions. As I was there, Nyetimber Sparkling was available to taste, and was on a special offer price.

If it all just gets too much, head to The Wine Pantry, just on the edge of the Market on Stoney Street – London’s first English wine tasting room. With over 20 wines available to taste or buy by the glass, thanks to automated dispensing machines, owner Julia Stafford is an inspiring ambassador for English wines as well as English cheese and cured meat producers.

A gourmet foodie’s idea of heaven, Borough Market is open for lunch Monday-Wednesday 10am-3pm, Thursdays 11am-5pm, Fridays 12-6pm and Saturdays 8am-5pm.

JoJo’s own photos 15th September 2012

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