A-Z Spirits and Liqueurs: I is for Irish Mist

Of course, the obvious answer for the letter ‘I’, is anything Irish – Irish Cream, Irish Whiskey. Yes, I have cheated slighty – can you think of any others?! – but although this is Irish, it’s something a little off the beaten track, and very traditional – the company dating back to 1829.

What is it? The recipe for Irish Mist was originally created as a liqueur based on an ancient recipe, around 1,00 years old, for a beverage known as ‘heather wine’. Made from a base of smooth aged Irish whiskey, heather, honey, herbs and spices, the official Irish Mist website declares this traditional tipple as ‘ridiculously sociable’, which sounds like good fun (although I wasn’t a huge fan of the ‘how fun are you at a party?’ quiz, also on the site!).

How can I enjoy it? Like many spirits and liqueurs, Irish Mist is versatile and can be enjoyed a number of ways.  Try as a long drink with cola and lime, as a shot,  on its own with ice (although at 35% abv, pace yourself!), with ginger ale, or cranberry. To end a meal, why not indulge in an Irish Mist Coffee – this would be my personal choice!

I want it! Where can I get it? Although it doesn’t appear on a lot of shelves, you can easily click-purchase a 70cl bottle of Irish Mist from The Whisky Exchange for £21.25.

Actually factual: The word ‘mist’ is slang in German for ‘manure’ or ‘excrement’…Irish Manure anyone?! Fortunately for us English speakers the thought does not even cross our minds before sipping this tipple.


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