Bacchus to Basics; Yummy fruit beers

Want somethng different to your normal tipple?

Try these fantastic Bacchus fruit beers from Belgian producer van Honsebrouck brewery based in Ingelmunster, Belgium. Available in Framboise (Raspberry) or Kriek (Cherry) flavour, these beers are a base of Gueuze-lambic, infused with their respective fruits.

Bacchus Framboise is lusciously dark red, clear, full bodied, sweet with the heady raspberry fruit bang. Bacchus Kriek has an intense morello cherry (Kriek) aroma and taste. Infused with the cherries for at least six months, not only do you get a tangy, sweet cherry flavour, but also a subtle taste of almonds – cherry bakewell perhaps?!

For interesting food matches, try Framboise with strawberry or raspberry cheescake or a starter of poultry, or salad with a raspberry vinagrette. Pair Kriek with bakewell tart for pudding or a main of duck with cherry or plum sauce.

Packaged in elegant half bottle sized (375ml), Champagne style bottle and wrapped in paper, its a treat to unveil at the dinner table. The Drink Shop sells both by the bottle, the Framboise at £3.29 and the Kriek at £2.88.

Cheers! (or should that be Beers!)


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