A-Z Spirits and Liqueurs: H is for HPNOTIQ

Now I will admit that I did struggle to think of a post for the letter H, but  have been struck by this electric blue liqueur, apparently popular in the United States. Admittedly I haven’t yet tried it, but the colour is reminiscent of a girls’ night out, low light nightclubs and dancing ’til dawn and I am intrigued to give it a go!

What is it? This eye-catching aqua blue liqueur is a blend of French vodka and exotic fruit juices, with a touch of Cognac. Predominantly aimed at women 21-35, this has been endorsed by a number of high-profile female celebs and has certainly caught my eye. Recently, Hpnotiq has also released new line, Hpnotiq Harmonie – vibrant violet in colour, it’s a blend of infused berries, violet and lavender.

How can I enjoy it? Serve chilled on its own (don’t worry, its only 17% abv!), or with vodka, coconut rum (this would be my choice!) or Champagne, to keep it classic. Try Hpnotiq Harmonie with a splash of club soda, with Champagne or add to vodka-cranberry for an interesting twist. As with any liqueur, it can also be used in a number of cocktails – see the Recipe page on the Hpnotiq website for yummy concoctions!

 I want it! Where can I get it? Although I’ve not yet seen this on a shelf in the UK (I’m sure I would’ve noticed it!), there are a number of online retailers. Drink Supermarket stocks both HPNOTIQ Original and HPNOTIQ Harmonie for £18.88 for a 70cl bottle (delivery charges payable).

Actually factual: “Hpnotiq was created by Raphael Yakoby in 2001, a college dropout living with his parents on Long Island, New York, who, after seeing a blue perfume at Bloomingdale’s, decided to create a blue liqueur.”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hpnotiq

Sparkly bottle shot taken from Sam Ford’s photostream on flickr.


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