Weird & Wonderful Wine: “You F*** My Wine?” from Cahors

Let’s face it: we are all tempted to pick a wine because it has a very silly name.

Sometimes, you do so only to be disappointed: all the money has clearly gone into the branding, not the winemaking. You find yourself licking the label in despair to see if that tastes better. No? Just us? Oh.

Anyway, we’re dedicated to finding wines with talking-point names that won’t let down your dinner party guests.

Take, for instance, the obscenely named “You Fuck My Wine?!” by Fabien Jouves. He grows wine in the Cahors region of  South-West France, and he does it very well indeed. But what led the normally conservative French to name a wine “You Fuck My Wine?!”

The story behind this name is twofold: firstly, the Cahors AOC regulators told Fabien he has to remove the Jurancon Noir grape from his wines and – being that it’s one of his favourite grapes – he decided to make ‘You Fuck My Wine?!’ to show the authorities how wrong they were.

Secondly – and I have this  straight from the horse’s mouth as I was lucky enough to meet him this year – he just really likes Robert De Niro.

It’s a deeply fruity and dark wine with a lot of potential for food. You can pick up a bottle from The Sampler for £16.20 – they’re the awesome wine shop we talked about a few weeks back. Why not?


About Laura

Freelance writer waxing lyrical most often about wine, food, travel, feminism, Literature, and the telly box. Daydream-believer and all-round lover of the good old days.

2 thoughts on “Weird & Wonderful Wine: “You F*** My Wine?” from Cahors

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  2. That’s an awesome wine which unfolds gradually and seemingly endlessly, new and new dimensions. Somewhat hard to get, especially for 16~ pounds, but worth the price anyway.

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