Beautiful Brews: Strawberry and Cream Tea from Charbrew

Ah, there’s nothing like a good cuppa. But when you drink as much tea as I do, by your fourth cup of the day you’re starting to hallucinate teabags following you around and your teacup is almost certainly beginning to talk to you.

Well, okay, maybe not – but imagine if you had to drink the same wine every day? You’d go bonkers. So why do we do it with tea?

There is great variety out there, and we recently discovered Cheshire-based tea gurus Charbrew.

If you want to mix up your daily tea routine as much as we do, we highly recommend injecting a mid-morning cup of strawberry and cream tea to brighten up your summer.

Caffeine-free and organic, it’s packed full of fruity flavour with a nice kick of vanilla. It’s also made with carrot, apple and beetroot – you can’t taste them, but that’s definitely extra healthy points.

A packet of fifteen pyramids is just £3.29 – not bad value at all.

About Laura

Freelance writer waxing lyrical most often about wine, food, travel, feminism, Literature, and the telly box. Daydream-believer and all-round lover of the good old days.

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