Something Gru-Vee for the weekend: Gruner Veltliner

Still revelling in the success of Gruner Veltliner – Austria’s signature white grape variety – few bars and restaurants will be without an example of this grape on their wine lists. Dubbed Gru-Vee, it was, for a long time considered the second to the prestigious Riesling, but is now made by producers in Slovakia, Czech Republic, United States, Australia and New Zealand. 

A versatile grape, Gru-Vee appears in a number of styles. With a natural acidity, high yielding crops make a simple, zesty quaffing wine, whilst lower yields give greater concentration and give the wine green vegetal, spicy, white pepper or floral characteristics.

Fantastic with  food styles, such as Thai and sushi, it is also a (thankful) match for those hard to pair vegetables such as asparagus, brocoli and artichoke. Light to medium bodied it also pairs well with pork and Wiener Schnitzel as well as lobster and scallops. Serve chilled at around 10-12 degrees celcius.

This weekend, I’ll be popping into Waitrose to pick up a bottle of Domane Wachau Gruner Veltliner (which is on a special little 20% off offer until 11/9 – result!) for a very affordable £7.39. With the weather set to warm up again this weekend, it’ll be perfect for quaffing in the sunshine, even if I haven’t got the inclination to rustle up a tasty dish to pair it with!

Happy weekend!


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