Spruce up your Champers: Add Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

Once upon a time only the rich could afford to indulge in some sparkles on a regular basis, but these days you can pick up a decent bottle of fizz (okay, maybe not Champagne) for well under a tenner.

For instance, the highly acclaimed Sumarocca Reserva Cava from The Wine Society goes down a treat at £7.50 per bottle, Aldi do a medal-winning Cremant du Jura for £6.99 and Waitrose currently sell their tasty Prosecco San Leo for a third off at £6.66 – go get ’em, guys.

If you fancy being particularly decadent (or just want to show off a bit like we did) you can pick up some hibiscus flowers in syrup to add to your Champers (or cheaper equivalent).

If you pop a flower into the glass and spoon some syrup over it, then pour over the bubbly, the little bloom will gently blossom into a very pretty flower indeed. The syrup will turn your drink delicately pink, and you can even eat the flower too – apparently, it tastes like raspberry and rhubarb. We like the sound of that very much indeed.

You only get around eleven flowers per jar, so this probably isn’t an every day indulgence, but it’s £8.99 per jar from Lakeland.

You can even go to whole way and get a gift pack from Waitrose Wine: a jar of the flowers plus a bottle of Champers in a purple gift box is £32.


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