My Weekend Tipple: Tesco Finest Fiano

I like the fact that Tesco now don’t make a song and dance about their Finest range when it comes to the labels on their wines – they blend in with the rest of the shelves and offer a good value, benchmark example of a wine that you can serve without feeling sheepish if you have a thing about supermarket own-labels (we don’t anyway, as it happens).

I also like that their Finest range incorporates wines that aren’t quite yet a household name but are super-tasty, such as their Fiano, Nero D’Avola and Torrontes.

Fiano in particularly is quickly beginning to rival Pinot Grigio, especially when it comes to value for money.

I picked up a bottle of their Finest Fiano as part of a meal-deal on Saturday night when all I needed was a quiet night in and a nice glass of white after a long, hectic week.

It went delightfully with the meal (chicken with crispy pancetta potatoes) as it didn’t overpower the flavours but didn’t wither away either, but it really came into its own when I sipped it in the garden. Fresh, peachy and aromatic with a delicious softness, it also has a nice round texture and a hint of almond-blossom.

It went down all too quickly, and was a steal at £6.99 per bottle.


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