Your Local: Portland Wine, Cheshire

Website: Portland Wine

Where: These guys have seven stores throughout the Cheshire area, including Buxton, Macclesfield and Sale.

Why are they cool?
Because they’ve built up their own little empire in a tough market, and still sell quality wines from fantastic producers. They deliver nationwide, but delivery is free for orders over £100.
They also have an ace Wine Info page giving you the lowdown on the biggest wineries worldwide.
This is especially handy as they stock wines from all over the world, including classics like Musar from Lebanon and sweeties from Australia – they are a perfect store for exploring your wine tastes and going where you’ve never gone before.

TippleTipple’s Portland Wine Picks:

Concha Y Toro Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc,
£6.99 per half

Chilean sweet wines are much underrated but definitely worth exploring, especially when they’re from the legendary Concha Y Toro. It’s described as tropical, spiced and honeyed – it’s sweet, but not as much as a Sauternes. Maybe a good match for light, honeyed fruit puddings, but I’d also be happy sipping this after dinner.
At less than seven quid, this isn’t exactly a risky gamble, and I can’t wait to try this gem.

Cotes de St. Mont Rosé, Plaimont,
£7.95 per bottle

It’s pretty much as close to rosé weather as we’re going to get, and this dry but tangy example from Gascony is a gold-medal winner.
Great value for money, and a good match for lightly aromatic summer fare.

Upcoming Events:
The Hale store is hosting a tasting of Grant Burge wines on September 12th. It’s just £10 including canapes, and these fantastic wines are not to be missed. Road-trip to Hale, anyone?

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