A-Z Spirits and Liqueurs: D is for Disaronno

Now technically this is a brand rather than the name of a spirit of liqueur, BUT it is utterly delicious (some think it tastes like Battenburg cake!), they’ve been around since 1525, and there weren’t an awful lot of options for D!

What is it? Disaronno is a brand of amaretto – a lusciously bittersweet almond flavour liqueur. A secret infusion of around 17 herbs and fruits, the Disaronno recipe has remained the same since 1525 and has been passed from generation to generation. Despite its gorgeous almond marzipan aroma and taste, it does not in fact contain any almonds or other nuts.

How to enjoy it: Yes, the TV advertisment (in the UK at least) depicts young sexy things hanging out in a bar, flitting about the catchphrase ‘Disaronno…on the rocks’, but this liqueur offers so much more.

For a chic, fashionable, post-dinner tipple, try a French Connection – 3/4 part Disaronno with 1 1/4 part Cognac over ice –  to warm your cockles.

For a modern twist on Buck’s Fizz, try a Disaronno Mimosa. This recipe from the Disaronno website is super easy and refreshingly delicious;

  • ¾ part DISARONNO
  • 1 part Orange juice
  • Top prosecco

Pour all ingrendients into a flûte glass, top with prosecco.

I want it! Where can I get it? The Whisky Exchange has a special web exclusive price of £17.95  for a 70cl bottle of Disaronno Originale. There is a delivery charge of £5.49 for 1-60 bottles, but their range of spirits and liqueurs is fantastic, with some savings to be had with their online specials.

Actually factual: The unique square/oblong Disaronno bottle shape was mastered by a glass maker in Murano, Italy who won a competition to create a new bottle to reflect the quality and tradition of Disaronno in the 1970’s.

Photo taken from Shht!’s photostream on flickr.


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