Your Local: The Sampler, London

Website: The Sampler

Where: They have two stores in the Islington and South Ken areas.

Why are they cool? The clue’s in the name here, but The Sampler isn’t like other wine merchants. You go in, register for a sample card, top it up (£10 minimum) and then peruse their ten sample machines to try before you buy! They have around eighty wines available to sample, from the everyday right up to a 1961 Bordeaux. Prices for samples start at just 30p.

TippleTipple’s The Sampler Wine Picks:

Tis the season for Vinho Verde, and this is a reasonably-priced example at £7.11. The Arca Nova Vinho Verde is from producers that have been doing their thing for over 30 years, and is light enough at 11% for easy summer drinking.

One of the best things about The Sampler is they stock wines from everywhere. This Jagnet St Laurent 2010 is a great example of wines coming from Slovakia at the moment, and is well worth a try at £8.91.

Upcoming Events: As their Tasting Events page says, The Sampler do bi-weekly ‘Sunday Schools’ that give insight to a particular region or style – just call them to book. They also have a Northern Italy tasting on Tuesday 21st August for just £15.


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