Our New Tipple? Adnams, Spirit of Broadside

Can’t decide between a beer and a malt? What if, by some crazy chance, you could have the best characteristics of both, in the same glass…?

Spirit of Broadside is the latest innovation to come from UK brewer and distiller, Adnams. A special release to commemorate the 40th anniversary of their infamous Broadside brew, this new tipple is an ‘eau de vie’ distilled from their Broadside beer.

When we heard about it, we were pretty excited.

Available to puchase from the Adnams website for £27.99 (50cl) or £32.99 (70cl) , Spirit of Broadside combines their strong heritage with their vision of looking to the future.

We recently visited Adnams to taste this intriguing new tipple. At first sip – like a whisky – it’s bold, warm and malty, with hints of burnt caramel from the 12 months Russian oak ageing. On the finish, the strong hops and beer charactertistics peep through to remind you this is something a little different.  At 43% abv, drunk neat, it’ll knock your socks off (unless you’re incredibly brave), but why not try it in one of these sophisticated cockatils provided by Adnams?

The Full Monty

You will need:

50ml Adnams Spirit of Broadside
15ml Cherry Liqueur
Pressed apple juice
Ginger beer
Apple wedge

How to Make:

Top the spirits up with two parts apple juice and  one part ginger beer. Build over ice in a highball and garnish with a cherry and apple wedge.

Royal James

You will need:

50ml Adnams Spirit of Broadside
20ml cherry liqueur
3tbsp Maple Syrup
2 dashes orange bitters
2 dashes cherry bitters
Twist of orange, orange slice and a cherry

How to Make:

Stir all ingredients and strain over ice into a cocktail glass. Garnish with cherries and orange slices.

Are you a beer drinker? Do you like the sound of this? We’d love to hear from you.


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