A-Z Spirits and Liqueurs: A is for Agwa

In need of some herbal remedy? This will get the party started and see you through…

What is it? AGWA is an unbeatably green coloured liquer made with distilled Bolivian coca leaf. Today, it is brewed in Bolivia and Peru to make tea, which aids with curing altitude sickness. Although the same source as cocaine, the leaves are grown in Bolivia, then shipped to Amsterdam to be ‘de-cocainised’ so the effects are de-sensitised.

How to enjoy it: Chilled as a shot, mixed with cola, tonic or bitter lemon, or in a cocktail. The UK AGWA website has a cocktail recipe page with some oh-so-tempting concoctions.

My fave: Bolivian Mojito – a twist on a classic, with AGWA instead of rum, a few wedges of lime, handful of fresh mint leaves and a couple of spoons of brown sugar. Delicioso!

I want it! Where can I get it? The Drink Shop sell a 70cl bottle of AGWA for £25.99

Actually factual: De-cocainised coca leaf is also used in as a natural flavouring ingredient in Coca-Cola and Red Bull and before criminalisation of coca, Coca-Cola did in fact contain cocaine.

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