My Weekend Tipple: Why Romanian Pinot is Rocking My Socks

I love a bargain, me. Especially a tasty one.

Eastern European wine is getting more and more press this year, and Romanian wine in particular is showing us it’s best colours.

I was given the opportunity to try some Paparuda Pinot Noir from Romania this week while visiting the Adnams store in Holkham, Norfolk, and it blew my mind.

Sensuous, sweet fruit and plenty of character make this a real easy drinker with or without food (although it would knock the socks off a good wedge of ham or a roast chicken), so I was stunned when I saw the price. £5.70 a bottle. Only just over a fiver!  You could easily pay over a ten quid for a Chilean or New Zealand equivalent.

Naturally, I bought a bottle straight away. And I didn’t regret it – it is disappearing all too quickly as a juicy aperitif. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to open another bottle before dinner…

You can grab a bottle online or at one of the several Adnams stores UK-wide.

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Freelance writer waxing lyrical most often about wine, food, travel, feminism, Literature, and the telly box. Daydream-believer and all-round lover of the good old days.

One thought on “My Weekend Tipple: Why Romanian Pinot is Rocking My Socks

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